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Theology is the study of theism; Atheology is the study of atheism. I am The Atheologist. Why don’t Atheists embrace religion when the vast majority of humans do? Why are Atheists regarded by most of society as thugs, rabble, vermin and generally naughty people. The Atheologist will attempt to seek out the true answers to these and many more questions by using logical assumptions, interviews with people of all faiths and really, really good research. The Atheologist wants to know.

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  • Saturday, September 30, 2006

    A Page On Mark Foley

    Congressman Mark Foley, (Republican from the Sixteenth Congressional District of Florida who built his political career as a protector of children), has abruptly resigned after many years of service. He resigned after he came under scrutiny for sending questionable emails and instant messages to a 16-year-old page. Many of his constituents and others have had unkind words for, and are distancing themselves from the congressman.

    The Atheologist on the other hand, applauds Foley, who is well known for his great work in helping exploited children, especially in the area of pedophilia. The Atheologist feels that Foley never should have resigned. Transcripts of his instant message exchanges show his great interest, passion and penetrating love of young, (male), adolescents. The Atheologist does not understand where all of Foley's friends in the, “Family Values”, party are and why they aren’t standing behind this great man. Foley in the past has received high ratings from the Christian Coalition and helped write laws to shield youths on the Internet from what he described as "sick people."

    All is not lost for Foley though. Due to his many years of service on the Washington scene he is surely very skilled in the ins and outs and workings of the politics inside the Beltway. The Atheologist predicts a future career as a lobbyist, or something more hands on*, for Foley, possibly with a youth group such as NAMBLA.

    *One of the Atheologist's many sources has told the Atheologist that Foley isn't just very computer savy, but is a very hands on type of a guy. That information should become public knowledge shortly.

    Here’s a video tribute to Foley.

    The Atheologist

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Benny and Mo and the Religion of Peace

    Pope Benedict XVI has apologized for offending Muslims and Islam, (the religion of peace), in a speech in Bavaria last week. He said the medieval text which he quoted did not express in any way his personal opinion, adding the speech was an invitation to respectful dialogue. The Pope has been under intense scrutiny amid angry reactions from throughout the Muslim, (the followers of the ‘religion of peace’), world.
    The murder of an Italian nun and her bodyguard in Somalia may be linked to Muslim anger in reaction to the Pope’s speech. And yesterday the surge of violence continued. Two churches in the West Bank were set on fire, following five incidents in the West Bank and Gaza on Saturday, when five churches were firebombed and fired at.
    In an internet statement, an al Qaeda linked militant group vowed a war against the, "worshippers of the cross", in response to the pope's speech. The Mujahideen Shura Council, according to Reuters, had this to say:

    "We tell the worshipper of the cross (the Pope) that you and the West will be defeated, as is the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya,…We shall break the cross and spill the wine....God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome. ... God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen."

    It is obvious to the Atheologist that Muslims the world over have such a deep respect for and value so highly what the Pope has to say about their, “religion of peace”, that he has the ability to turn Muslims away from their peaceful, loving and respectful ways. It seems to the Atheologist that the Pope now has a lot more to apologize for. He needs to apologize for not apologizing quickly enough and now he needs to apologize for all of the violence and killings that have occurred and are still occurring, all due, as the Atheologist sees it, to his lack of understanding of Muslims and their, “religion of peace”.

    The Atheologist

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Is There A Doctor In The House?

    Back in July, Zimbabwe lifted the ban on the practice of witchcraft. (Exodus 22:18 be damned!) The Zimbabwean government acknowledged that supernatural powers exist - but prohibits the use of magic to cause someone harm. The new ruling also reversed the 1899 legislation that made it a crime to accuse someone of being a witch or wizard.

    The president of the country, who has been in power for 26 years, is Robert Mugabe, popularly known as just, “Bob.” The Atheologist applauded Bob and his constituents back then for having the guts to show that religious discrimination is wrong. Freedom of religion means freedom for all religions, even Black Magic, not just the more popular ones.

    Now more great news from Zimbabwe - witch doctors, are going to be permitted to give patients official sick days, which will be recognized by employers. The Atheologist thinks that this is a great idea. I know that if I’m under someone’s spell, the last thing I would want to do is go into work and spread my nasty spell amongst my co-workers, even if I still had my penis.

    The Atheologist