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Theology is the study of theism; Atheology is the study of atheism. I am The Atheologist. Why don’t Atheists embrace religion when the vast majority of humans do? Why are Atheists regarded by most of society as thugs, rabble, vermin and generally naughty people. The Atheologist will attempt to seek out the true answers to these and many more questions by using logical assumptions, interviews with people of all faiths and really, really good research. The Atheologist wants to know.

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  • Thursday, August 02, 2012


    Last evening the Atheologist's and thousands of other peoples' commute was prolonged due to a very large gathering at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey. Nearly 90,000 Orthodox Jews gathered at MetLife Stadium to celebrate the completion of a seven-and-a-half year study of the Talmud. The Atheologist only wishes he could have been inside to experience all of the sights, sounds and smells, (also there was dancing)!

    It's unbelievable when you think of it: God created the universe with trillions and trillions of planets, in addition to Earth and waited about 13,700,000,000 years so he could make a few Jews from Palestine his favorites about 2,000 years ago, (while ignoring the rest of the 200,000,000 or so people on the planet at the time). Now that’s love!

    The Atheologist and his fellow commuters should feel privileged to have been delayed while the chosen people did their thing.
    The Atheologist was texted by a co-worker regarding the matter and was informed that his, (Jewish), wife remarked that it was probably those, “damn Jews". The Atheologist assumes it was an autocorrect mistake; he most likely was trying to text, "dear Jews".

    Update 8/3 - Helicopters were seen above the stadium earlier today attempting to air it out. What a party it must have been!

    The Atheologist