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  • Wednesday, January 05, 2011

    The Body of Christ

    More proof of God's existence and power came to light when it was discovered that communion hosts which were consumed at a Long Island NY church on Christmas day included hepatitis A.

    For centuries the debate has raged on - is the holy host just a symbol of, or does it, (as the Church says), actually become the flesh of Jesus during the communion service.

    Atheists and most Jews have said over and over that they want poof and now they have it.

    Here's the proof: When the Communion hosts were transformed at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church into the flesh of God's only son, the hepatitis virus that he must have contracted early in his youth also came along for the ride. A quick online search of the bible and YouTube found nothing stating that Jesus never had the disease.
    To summarize: The original host, (Jesus) transubstantiated into the Communion host, then the Communion host became the intermediate host which passed the virus to human congregant hosts. The Atheologist, also being an amateur biologist, finds this totally plausible.

    The Atheologist is now waiting for a rebuttal from the atheists. The Atheologist can hear them now, saying that they don't believe in heaven, hell, hepatitis or anything that begins with an, "H" for that matter.

    The diocese's website, meanwhile, states that "We pray that no one comes down with this virus or catches any of our priests being naughty with any of our adorable little altar boys"

    PS: According to the latest Pew Foundation survey , 45% of Catholics, are not aware of what they're supposed to believe they're eating when the host is popped into their mouths. This should wake them up!

    The Atheologist


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