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  • Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    The Persecution Of Star Jones

    The Atheologist has acquired what he was told are transcripts of edited out parts of Star Jones’ recent 'Larry King Live' appearance. In these transcripts Star tells Larry that the 'American Atheists' organization and other Atheist groups are responsible for her departure from ‘The View’. Here is a section from the transcripts:

    Star Jones Reynolds: It was the Godless, pro-slavery, Payless Shoes boycotting, Atheists that are responsible, and they had it planned for a long time.

    Larry King: Why would they? How could they, accomplish that?

    Star Jones Reynolds: They are very mad at me for pointing out that an Atheist should never be elected as president of this country. Those Atheists must have done some kind of devil worship, sacrifice ritual, which put a curse on me and caused me to go from a plump curvy beautiful woman of color, into a shriveled up skinny hag, which is the main reason that I got kicked off the show. I did not have gastric bypass surgery! I swear!
    Everyone knows that Atheists are one of the most powerful and sinister groups in this country, topped only by the Israeli lobby and Oprah. Barbara (Walters) is a very evil person, probably an Atheist. But everyone will see that Jesus has my back and something very bad will happen to Barbara and probably Rosie too in the near future.

    Could this be true? And why were these parts edited from the show? How can a "Live" show be edited? The Atheologist has more questions than answers it seems.
    But the Atheologist has not received a reply from 'American Atheists' regarding this matter, which practically confirms that they had a hand in Star Jones’ downfall.

    The Atheologist


    Blogger bigdumbchimp said...

    good to see you back

    If I could ever watch the view for more than 2 mins I might be angry about this. Instead I'm just going to crack open another Sierra Nevada Pale ale and laugh.

    and maybe cry

    9:51:00 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No, it wasn't Starr's weight loss secret that got her fired, it was her self grandizing that did it. For such a God fearing woman she soooo much into promoting herself. Now that she has the time, maybe she can watched the old shows and see how much she talked about herself. Who wouldn't be bother about that!

    Besides, Rosie is a new direction for the show, and Starr is not in that direction. She should count her blessings.

    2:15:00 AM  
    Blogger The Jewish Freak said...

    Funny - LOL. But I do seriously think that Barbara walters and Rosie ODonnell are evil.

    3:11:00 PM  
    Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

    My tribute to Star Jones.

    4:06:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    Thanks bigdumbchimp,
    I hadn’t really gone anywhere I just have a lot less time for blogging and going on line in general, (new job responsibilities along with longer hours).
    I never actually was able to watch The View for long without it reminding me of four cackling chickens in the barnyard. (I think Mad TV had a skit on that.)

    I remember your tribute, that was a good one.

    4:04:00 PM  
    Blogger Combat Doc said...

    I just found your blog.

    My name is Ernesto Haibi, I manage a web site named National Atheists. I also do commentary on Freethought Radio. If you haven't listened we are an internet radio station that has been on for over 5 years and we get over 50,000 listeners a month.

    We are trying to be the definitive voice for all sides of the atheist/freethough community and attract new producers and listeners.

    Come by and listen in. Pass our name around to the rest of your friends in the community. Even if you're not interested in recording come by and have a listen. I'm sure you'll find something you like.

    Either way thanks for your time and keep preaching freethought.

    7:14:00 PM  
    Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

    Hi Ernesto, I did a few pieces for Freethought Radio. But lost interest since I found out the Darby does work there.

    Ernesto, I like your style. Most Atheists are not hard on terrorists like you and I.

    9:46:00 AM  
    Blogger Drew said...

    Just another of the Athiest, Fat-Hating media striking down another strong woman who tries to fight against it.

    6:18:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    Drew, if she was such a strong woman why did she give in to the 'Fat-Hating media' and become a part of the opposition?

    And would you be so kind as to enlighten me on the subject of the 'Atheist media'. Some specific examples would be nice.

    9:44:00 PM  

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