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  • Friday, April 21, 2006

    Fundamentalist Christians Protest False Advertising In Beer Commercial

    The Atheologist has learned that a Guinness beer commercial has drew complaints from several well known Christian groups. The groups are protesting the depiction of humans evolving in reverse, from beer guzzling bar patrons to mudskipper like creatures. The Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition had this to say. (With a name like Mahoney, the Atheologist bets he knows a thing or two about beer):

    “We all know that evolution is false, so de-evolutionizing is even falser. The fact that Guinness has chosen to show this nonsense in a commercial disgusts us and our church and our God. It is nothing more than false advertising and we demand that it be stopped.”
    One Guinness spokesman has offered an explanation into the controversy surrounding the commercial saying that the commercial was inadvertently played in reverse in some markets and offered his apology. The correct version can be viewed here.

    The Atheologist has noticed that the words Guinness and Genesis are awfully similar, is there something to it? The Atheologist may look into that.

    FYI: Guinness is actually in the Irish stout family of beers.

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    Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

    I think the real Guiness commercial might pertain to Fundies.

    3:35:00 PM  

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