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  • Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Not Such A Happy Birthday After All

    In the Atheologist’s post yesterday he explained a little about the Muhammad’s birthday celebration. Well, it did not go too well for the Sunnis - over 85 dead at birthday celebrations in Pakistan.
    In one incident, at least 57 were killed when an explosion caused by sticks of dynamite made to look like birthday candles, were lit atop the birthday cake. The Atheologist suggests that the next time whoever brings the candles must be the one to light them. If that individual makes a bee line for the door, everyone will know that something is up.

    In the other incident 29 were killed while leaving a seminar on the life of Muhammad. The women and children were crushed in a stampede when someone stopped to tie their Nikes. Jesus Christ, Pakistan is practically part of the Middle East, hasn’t anyone ever heard of sandals?

    The Atheologist only hopes that the Shi`ites’ Muhammad birthday celebrations on April 16th go a little better.

    Note: Due to the high numbers of Muslims killed in stampedes while attending religious celebrations, the Atheologist has coined a new word that he hopes will appear in Webster’s someday.
    The new word is ‘Muslipede’, (mŭz'-lĭ'-pēd') – the sudden headlong rush of Muslims, often causing high numbers of injuries and deaths.

    The Atheologist


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