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Theology is the study of theism; Atheology is the study of atheism. I am The Atheologist. Why don’t Atheists embrace religion when the vast majority of humans do? Why are Atheists regarded by most of society as thugs, rabble, vermin and generally naughty people. The Atheologist will attempt to seek out the true answers to these and many more questions by using logical assumptions, interviews with people of all faiths and really, really good research. The Atheologist wants to know.

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  • Monday, May 15, 2006

    A Note To Albert Gedraitis

    A recent blog post on the, "refWrite...page2", blog, (May 12th entry), which notes its publisher as Albert Gedraitis, made a guess, or as he put it he had, “One thawt that nags me”, and that was that the “Atheologist” blog and the “Bacon Eating Atheist Jew” blog may be authored by the same person. He then goes on to also comment about the Jewish Atheist, (who wasn’t bothering anyone), and the problems that he has with him too, to this I say to Albert:

    Hey good guessing Albert, but you are wrong. Did it ever occur to you that the 'Bacon Eating Atheist Jew' blog, the 'Atheologist' blog and your blog too, may be authored by the same person? I’m just kidding of course, but sometimes you have to think outside of the box as the Atheologist often does.

    I have one thing that I must clarify about statements that you made regarding my post in which the link to the “Nerdy Christian Bitches” appeared, or the “picture of six unglamorous lovely young women” as you called them.
    I was not trying to demean them at all. If you had bothered to read the entire post instead of just clicking the link, you would have seen that that picture was an integral part of the post. Oh and by the way they were actually Christians, Presbyterians to be exact, look here. And one more, 'by the way', I don't think that you should have insulted them by calling them “unglamorous”. Just because they do nothing for you, doesn’t mean that some nerdy Christian studs wouldn’t think that they were hot.

    Albert, may I suggest that in the future you employ logical assumptions, as the Atheologist does, in your research instead of the illogical ones that you obviously use.

    Example: The Bacon Eating Atheist Jew says that he eats bacon. The Atheologist claims, on his profile, to be a vegetarian. Using a logical assumption, one would say that they are both telling the truth or both lying if they were the same person. Hence they must be two different individuals.

    Based on the meat eating data and using an illogical assumption, as you seem to be in a habit of doing, you would have to assume that neither one of them is a professional wrestling fan although at least one of them may not believe that it is a staged event. Get it now?

    Albert, please note that the Atheologist's dog does not even remotely resemble a border collie.

    The Atheologist


    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    Does at least one of you have the body type of the proffesional wrestlers?

    I had other comments, but, now my mind has wandered from the subject ;-)

    7:07:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    comment pimpette,

    What did you have in mind? Some sort of tag team event?

    7:29:00 PM  
    Blogger bigdumbchimp said...

    AH HA the dreaded dog defense. There is no counter to that.

    5:14:00 PM  
    Blogger Steve said...

    that is a sweet ass car. Is it yours or is it "on loan" so to speak?

    5:41:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    **closing eyes, not looking at other comments**

    I have a theory that you and bacon and this albert guy are all one and the same.

    Nice cover with this post ;)

    **looking back at other comments**

    mmmmmmmm, wrestlers

    tag team?

    **walking away with a smile**

    6:00:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...


    The car is mine and it is the most amazing and "funnest" car I have ever driven.

    6:15:00 PM  
    Blogger bigdumbchimp said...

    is the dog yours or is it "on loan"?

    6:36:00 PM  
    Blogger bigdumbchimp said...

    is that a lotus?

    6:44:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...


    Yes the dog is mine too. His name is Rocco.

    The car is a Lotus Elise. It doesn't have a name.

    8:26:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    What? No name for the car? Come on! You gotta name the car!

    2:02:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    Ok, comment pimpette, I'm open to suggestions?
    Although it is yellow, it is not shaped for the human mouth nor does it have a non-slip surface...etc so "Atheists' nightmare" is out.

    3:31:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    Hmmm, that's not enough to go on. You have to name her yourself as she is yours and you have driven her, you know her character.

    All I can do is judge by her appearance and keeping that in mind I will give you a list of top 10 stripper names:


    Oh, you can replace Raven with Sunshine.

    7:05:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    You are too much cp,

    I have decided on,(drum roll please),....... Chiquita.

    10:35:00 AM  
    Blogger bigdumbchimp said...

    I have decided on,(drum roll please),....... Chiquita.

    Kirk Cameron will be very pleased.

    12:53:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...



    Now you will have to tape yourself talking to her and post it for us!

    1:10:00 PM  
    Blogger Steve said...

    BTW - Atheologists, "Angry Arab" is listed under the Muslim catagory. I know As'ad, he is a professor at my old school, and he is an atheist (big time). I'm sure he'd appreciate being moved OUT of the Muslim section.

    2:31:00 AM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    comment pimpette,
    Maybe I’ll record myself singing to her, that is after I get some pointers from bacon.

    Being in the “Muslim Stuff” section on my blog does not imply anything but that that website or blog often deals with Muslim issues.
    Example: The Landover Baptist Link is in the, “Christian Stuff” section.

    8:40:00 AM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    LOL - oh no, not the singing - I don't want to lose my bra and panties again!

    If you ever add me - you'll have to add a ditsy category.

    7:42:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    No cp, you're in 'Miscellaneous'.

    9:52:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    Cool, miscellaneous works for me :-)

    6:12:00 PM  
    Blogger Owlb said...

    Mea culpa

    I have so many blogs and "familiares" that I have a natural suspicion that the rest of blogspace is occupied by other poly-poseurs. My habit of making fun of people's names and snide remarks about women comes from being a vicious old queer. Cheers!

    2:19:00 PM  

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