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  • Friday, May 19, 2006

    Can Christians Be Angry Too?

    The recent article by Rabbi Gellman, made the point that Atheists are often very angry individuals. One of the Atheologist’s readers named 'Tommy', left a comment yesterday on the Atheologist’s post on the subject. This was the comment:

    “You know what? I wrote you a long letter in answer to your idiot diatribe and then discovered I had to join a blog site. Of course this wiped out my letter and I would have had to write it all over again. I decided you just weren't worth the trouble.”

    For some reason he seemed a little upset at the Atheologist, angry even.
    The Atheologist did a little research and came to find out that this individual did in fact have his own blog, he was just not aware of that fact. His blog is entitled “Defending The King”. And in the first post on his blog, “Dang it. I'm getting fed up with it!”, it appears that he is a very angry Christian.
    Now the Atheologist, being the fact finding, I report you decide, kind of investigator became a little suspicious after reading his post. Could this individual be one of the many bloggers who are not in fact what they make themselves out to be? (That’s going around a lot these days.) Could it be that this blogger is pretending to be a Christian and is actually an Atheist? Look at what made the Atheologist suspicious - Several statements in his post, like when he was referring to:
    (1) his daughter- “ I'd sure like to ring her neck sometimes and smack some sense into her.”
    (2) Atheists- “I guess I'm going to go now and find me an atheist to beat up! (Just kidding)”
    (3) those with differing opinions- “If you don't like what you read here drop me a line anyway and then I'll meet you out behind the barn! (kidding again)”
    The Atheologist was very surprised that a Christian could actually resort to violence, (or was he really just kidding?); I don’t believe that Jesus ever did, resort to violence that is, come to think of it I don't think that Jesus kidded around much either. Could this in actuality be an Atheist’s attempt to put Christians in a bad light? The Atheologist had to find out.
    The Atheologist went undercover, this time disguised as a concerned Christian. The Atheologist shot out this email to Tommy:

    “I don't think you picked a good title for a blog. You seem to be saying that our King is weak and needs help defending himself. As a Christian who has debated many atheists before I think that they will turn that around and use it against you.”

    'Tommy' responded with:

    “As you well know then, not only do atheist believe our King may be 'weak' they believe our King doesn't even exist. This blog is directed to a godless society on a secular level that even they can understand.
    I agree with you in that our King does not need defending however, that is 'preaching to the choir'. I stand by my title. Should I be attacked for it I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
    In a round about sort of way Peter defends God when he warns of false prophets and teachers. (Pt. 2f). Perhaps not the same thing exactly as I am saying but I think you get the point.
    Well Mr. (name withheld to protect the Atheologist's pseudonym) , it was very good to hear from you and I do welcome your comments. Being human and relatively a young Christian yet, I need guidance and shoring up from time to time. Fortunately, I'm a fast learner!
    Walk in Faith. –Tommy”

    Well now, it does seem that this particular blogger really is what he professes to be. What a relief!
    So, it seems that not just Atheists, but Christians can get angry sometimes too. Well even the Atheologist, (and maybe Rabbi Gellman), I guess, can learn something new everyday!

    The Atheologist


    Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

    Are you a Christian? You gave me the impression that you are an Atheist. I think your blog name means "without theology or theologists" so that doesn't mean you don't believe the Jesus wasn't a miracle man.

    2:25:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...


    Are you trying to confuse me? I have never professed, in any of my posts, to being an atheist. But for the Atheologist question – I stand by the- “Theology is the study of theism; Atheology is the study of atheism.” statement. You know, like botany is the study of bots, or podiatry is the study of pods.

    3:06:00 PM  
    Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

    Atheology is not the study of Atheism.


    \A`the*ol"o*gy\, n. [Pref. a- not + theology.] Antagonism to theology. --Swift.

    3:43:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    "“If you don't like what you read here drop me a line anyway and then I'll meet you out behind the barn!”"

    You sure he was resorting to violence? Looks like a backwoods mating ritual to me. I wouldn't take him up on it if I were you ;-)

    7:36:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...


    What does Webster say about Atheology?


    I never thought about it that way, and I won't take him up on it.

    9:51:00 PM  
    Blogger Sadie Lou said...

    I liked this post! I plan on reading this blog more in the future.
    I have run into your comments a couple of times on Jewish Atheist's blog and I respect your straightforward delivery. I think it's important to call people to the mat on the way they come across on the internet. There was this one woman I ran into several times on a mutual blog. She was always making sexual comments and never really adding any content to the posts. I clicked on her name to go to her blog and I was shocked to see she was a wife and mother. I simply asked her why she comes across as such a "party girl" and it turned into this big fiasco.
    She ended up taking her blog down. I suspect her hubby agreed with me.
    Sorry that was so long winded.

    11:28:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    Thank you for the kind words Sadie, it wasn’t long winded at all. I wish I had more time for my blog and to comment on other blogs but I don’t.
    I have added you to my blogroll in the Christian section, I can move you to the miscellaneous if you’d rather be there.

    9:42:00 AM  
    Blogger Sadie Lou said...

    Thanks for the link. The Christian section is where I'd like to be.
    I plan on visiting more in the future--don't worry about not having a lot of time; it's quality not quantity.

    5:27:00 PM  
    Blogger Sadie Lou said...

    quick question:

    did the blog in question here go back and add the phrase "just kidding" after you posted this? Because I clicked on the link you offered and I saw that after he wrote "If you don't like what you read here you can meet me behind the barn" he also wrote" (just kidding again)"
    Perhaps you were a little hasty in your rendering of this blogger?

    4:48:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    Sadie Lou,

    The, “just kiddings” were always in his post. Thank you for pointing that out, I have updated my post and added them in.
    I would like to know why he has to even hint at being violent, (3 times in a relatively short post is a lot), even if he was “just kidding”.

    9:38:00 PM  
    Blogger bigdumbchimp said...

    You sure he was resorting to violence? Looks like a backwoods mating ritual to me. I wouldn't take him up on it if I were you ;-)

    I was worried about this too.

    11:24:00 PM  
    Blogger Tommy Watts said...

    Hi Folks; It's me. Your fovorite blogger to kick around this month! First I want to thank Sadie Lou. Obviously she read what was written and didn't try to put words into my mouth. Second, when someone is down and you continue to keep kicking them like so many people have been doing to Christians for such a long time now of course they get angry and it's about damned time too! Third, "Out behind the barn" for you city slickers is rural talk for "get ready to get your butt whooped", you perverts! Forth, yes, I was indeed kidding. I don't believe in violence. Fifth, Jesus did get very angry and even violent when he went to Jerusalem and found people buying and selling in the holy temple!
    Shalom Kiddos -Tommy

    3:15:00 AM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...


    If you and the others, who are always babbling about how Christians are being persecuted in the USA, would only back up your statements with an occasional fact or two then maybe you would be taken more seriously. When you make statements like, “However, lately it seems to be open season on Christians.” or “Why do they insist on hatefully attacking us every chance they get? Why do they want to take away our American right to believe as we see fit?”, you are obviously not living in the real world.

    The fact of the matter is that it is usually Atheists who are being discriminated against and persecuted, not the other way around.

    And you can’t fool us, we know what goes on in Fort Smith Arkansas.

    10:07:00 AM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    **biting fingers**

    "get ready to get your butt whooped"

    see - just as I suspected, but with a little S&M

    LOL - just couldn't help myself :)

    6:24:00 PM  
    Blogger Tommy Watts said...

    Jeez; You guys just don't let up do you? This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.
    You say you want facts to back up my statements. Where should I start? How about our school systems removing all Christianity? Even personal prayer. A school system supported by a government founded on Christian principles. (ie; George Washington). Gay marriage? Legal abortion? (murder!). What about a government ignoring our ten commandents and becoming the most corrupt government to ever exist in America? More? What about the College in California that showed pictures on the net of Jesus hanging on the cross with an erection? Or that same college showing Jesus kissing another man. Both of which had erections! I won't even mention the 'Da Vinci Code' (Oops, to late!). Islamic extremist who want to kill every 'infidel' on earth. The 'Church of Satan' who just as soon see us dry up and blow away.
    I can go on if you like. There seems to be no end to it.
    Now, about that brain dead 'Pimpette' girl. What is her problem? Is she some kind of pervert or something? Well, with a name like 'Pimpette' I guess you can't really expect anything too intelligent. Can you? Proves my point though. Yet one more uncalled for attack!
    Shalom kiddos, Tommy

    11:22:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    Hey Tommy,

    There isn't one fact in what you just babbled about how Christians are being persecuted in the USA..

    Which school systems removed Christianity? And personal prayer was also removed? Did you hear that on Fox "news" along with the famous 'war on Christmas'?

    Our government was never founded on Christian principles. Have you ever heard of Common Law? It originated long before your god and religion was stolen from the pagans.

    Even 4 of the Ten Commandments are unconstitutional. Did you know that? Wake up and go away.

    9:11:00 AM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    Oh, tommy, tommy, tommy - no sense of humor, huh?

    Allrighty then, let's get down to business. First off - I'd like to tell you that I believe in God. Secondly, I'd like to tell you that I am a FIRM supporter of church and state. Now, we can discuss your issues.

    1. Christianity has not been removed from your school systems. It just may not be endorsed by an employee of the state. Personal prayer is allowed - and children may even assemble as Christians and form bible groups if they so wish - it just may not involve any teachers.

    2. This government was founded on Christian principles? Excuse me - what principals are you talking about? Gay marriage was never banned according to the US constitution - an ammendment would have to be added in order to do that. Abortion - it is a sensitive subject, but I don't consider it murder - would you like to go back to the coat hanger days - was that not murder in some cases - OF THE MOTHER as well as the fetus?!! Would you not even allow abortion in the case of the pregnancy possibly being fatal to the mother? Why can't you just allow people to be sinners if they so wish? Why is it that the government should have to regulate our "values" and those values differ from one Chritian to the next - so whose values should we use?

    Next - you think this country was founded on Christian principals? What? How nutty are you?

    Had our founding fathers wanted a "Christian" nation, you would have found somewhere within the constitution reference to "christian" or "christ" or you would have found it in the bill of rights, but it is not there.

    The constitution is a SECULAR document - one that mentions religion twice and it does NOT mention CHRISTIANITY. You have the first ammendment which bars laws "respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" ratification of that ammendment gave us "seperation of church and state", my dear. Further in article VI, which prohibits "religious tests" for public office.

    Do you understand that many colonies had provisions that limited public office to certain religions? Are you aware that some colonies officially established churches and taxed ALL citizens whether or not they were of that faith to support that church. Did you know that if you refused to do so that you faced imprisonment, torture, and death? Okay - maybe you are right - originally - yes, you have some point - but each colony had different religions and those people WANTED the taxes and the religious tests for public office dropped and that my friend is why our constitution is SECULAR.

    Religious pluralism became the norm and that is what Jefferson had in mind with the declaration of independance. He speaks of "unalienable rights endowed by our Creator" a generic religious language that all religious groups could accept. Specific Christian language was traditionally used by countries with state churches.

    Look into Patrick Henry of Virginia - he argued for tax support for Christian churches, but it was a minority opinion. Jefferson and James Madison along with their allies and the states reigious groups ended Virginia's established church and helped pass the Virginia Statute for Religious Liberty. A law which guanranteed religious freedom to ALL.

    Look up Luther Martin, he stated that some delegates to the Constitutional Convention argued for recognition of Christianity within the constitution, insisting that it was necessary in order to "hold out some distiction between the professors of CHristianity and downright infidelity or paganism".

    Jefferson stated at the time of Virginia passing its religious freedom act that it would ensure religious freedom for "the Jew and the Gentile and the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo, the infidel of every denomination."

    Fuck - Washington's administration negotiated a treaty with the Muslim rulers of north Africa stating that the United States was NOT founded on Christianity - look up the The Treaty with Tripoli. Jesus - it doesn't get any clearer than that!

    As for the rest of your rant in regards to me:

    suck my strap-on!

    12:56:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    LOL - teaches me to debate and talk on the phone - sorry that all looks like a rough draft.

    12:58:00 PM  
    Blogger The Atheologist said...

    You go girl!

    He says that he's a relatively young Christian, but it looks like he has already lost the ability to think critically.

    2:58:00 PM  
    Blogger The Comment Pimpette said...

    LOL - thanks - you should thank god he didn't try to insult my sexual abilities - god knows what that post would have looked like ;-)

    Well, hopefully, he was just ignorant to some of the facts. We'll see.

    5:37:00 PM  
    Blogger Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

    He is relatively young compared to how old he thinks the earth is.

    He is 53 according to his blog.

    6:27:00 PM  
    Blogger Jennifer said...

    As an atheist/former Christian/40-year-old motorcycle mama, I have come to the conclusion that people are either angry or not angry, and it does not seem to matter which religion they espouse or don't espouse. I've known angry Mormons, Jews, atheists, Christians, Muslims (we ALL know angry Muslims, don't we?), even Buddhists. It's like a bad personality trait. I also have noticed that every group on the planet thinks they are persecuted. My lesbian friends think the world is dead against them, my gay friends think everyone wants to string them up. Heck, fat people will say they are the only acceptable group to kick around anymore. Christians and Muslims tend to get rankled up when you so much express a different opinion! I do not even discuss religion with theists anymore because I do not care to listen to them or try to change their point of view. They are never interested in what I have to say anyway. They just want to make a conversion. My sister is a Bible thumper and she asked me one time why I am not a believer anymore (in a sweet voice: "I really want to know what turned you from God. I REALLY do. Please tell me."). I tried to answer her, but before I got to my second sentence she was already screaming, "LIAR! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!" It did not go well.

    12:37:00 AM  

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